What I've been thinking about.


Are you feeling overwhelmed at times? Having a sense of digital burn out and disconnection with the real world? Feeling that the more digitally connected you are, the more saturated with information you become, the more disheartened and alone you start finding yourself?

I am too. I’ve grown weary of a world where Emails, skype, tele classes, webinars, on-line studies, on-line shopping, virtual prospecting, social media marketing seems to take over my life both professionally and personally.

Yes all these wondrous tools made communicating easier and faster, yes they connected me to the world at large … but they certainly did not help making my life simpler.

This is the paradox of our digital age.

We human are social animals and we need social interaction to thrive. We cannot succeed in a vacuum. We need experiences that connect us with other human beings, with our senses.

Being a bit of a rebel I am claiming back ‘some’ of my life and shifting back everything I was doing on-line until now, to a living format.

I am personally done with on-line workshops. Yes they are practical and yes they make a lot of sense business wise but I believe and it is also my experience over 20 years in this industry, that real, in the flesh human interaction benefit not only the individual but the whole group and that further, group interaction correlates with the outcomes.

To all of you out there, seekers and explorers and change makers that crave connection, want to learn and explore new concepts not in the comfort of your home but in the fun, vibrant, inspired company of like minded others, lets get together and join me for energizing conversation cafes, workshops, retreats and much more.

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